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Dell S500WI Projector

Dell S500WI Projector get closer than ever to the big picture with the Dell S500wi Interactive Ultra Short Throw Projector, which can project an approximate 80″ (2m) diagonal image from just 20″ (0.51m) away. With little between the projector and the image, shadows are a thing of the past.Get closer than ever to the big picture with the Dell™ S500wi Ultra Short Throw Projector, which can project an approximate 80″ (2m) diagonal image from just 20″ (0.51m) away. With a native WXGA (1280×800) resolution, 16:10 aspect ratio and boosted with 3D-ready DLP capability, the Dell S500wi will help you wow your audience with outstanding visuals and allow them to enjoy total immersion when you leverage 3D content.

Dell S500WI Projector equipped with a deluxe suite of connectivity options that includes dual VGA, HDMI, S-Video, RJ45, RS232, microphone and 12V DC relay, additionally Dell S500wi is also available with optional wireless functionality and advanced features.Add interactivityto your whiteboard with an interactive projector and pen! You can project on any surface including a whiteboard, wall or table, and use the pen to interact with your computer’s desktop.

Dell S500WI Projector can outfit two classrooms with interactive projectors at the cost of one interactive whiteboard! These projectors also are compatible with any hardware (laptops, student response systems, document cameras, etc) and the interactive pen will interact wtih any software.

Get Interactive
There’s no need for lessons and presentations to be static and boring. With the Dell S500wi Interactive Ultra Short Throw Projector, you can engage the audience with interactive features and get away from the board and the laptop. The easy-to-use, rechargeable interactive pen works on virtually any smooth surface with any software program you can control with a mouse, on the surface, or up to 9m away. So you can draw, write, move, and edit your content from up to nearly 30 feet away.

Enjoy network management control via the RJ45 port or the integrated CrestronRoomView software which allows multi-user resource management program offering real-time facility-wide monitoring, control and reporting of AV resources/devices. Equipped with standard 4-to-1 split-screen projection, the S500wi simultaneously projects up to four different user screens, conveniently allowing real-time side-by-side comparisons that can increase productivity in meetings and classrooms. It also supports Multi-PC Session (up to 30 PCs) and audio projection. Closed captioning feature in S500wi allows a person with hearing disabilities to have access to programming by displaying the audio portions of a program as text on the screen. Packed with these and many more impressive features, this S500wi Projector delivers powerful presentation with great performance. Dell branded projectors undergo exhaustive testing for performance, reliability, durability and compatibility with Dell systems.


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